Casa Masia Bach

Promoter: Iberian Productivity & Innovation Centre

Area: 346 m2

Location: Sant Esteve Sesrovires. Barcelona

Budget: 400.000 €

Date: April 2006-July 2011

The house is conceived as a white body that sits on a dark plinth embedded in the ground. The white volume is perforated longitudinally by the pool and a terrace that opens to views of Montserrat.

Access to the house is from the street below, in the shady part facing north. This fact is taken advantage of to locate an independent office for receiving clients that the owners needed, next to the interior parking lot. The entire living area is located in the upper rear part, facing midday, and there is the pool, which penetrates the patio and bathes its interior walls with sun reflections. The rooms are on the middle floor, with independent access for guests via the external staircase that runs along the entire slope of the land.