Cap Concòrdia

Promoter: GISA

Area: 1.654 m2

Location: Pl. St. Agustí Sabadell, Barcelona

Budget: 2.200.000 €

Date: 2005 – 2007

The building is located in Plaza Sant Agustí, occupying a part reserved for the Health Center but without physical limits with the rest of the square. The maximum volume allowed is 2 heights while the buildings that surround this free space have a height of between 7 and 10 floors.

With these premises, a compact and autonomous building was proposed, defining its limit with a concrete skin as an envelope, containing the volume within the assigned portion of land. This skin relates to the square at the entrance point, creating a bench and a porched access area.

The structure of the building sets the tone for the façade resolved with fiber cement panels with a ventilated chamber and adjustable slats in the same plane in front of the windows. In the center of the volume there is a single staircase core on the façade, facing an interior patio that runs through the entire building. The distribution of spaces is organized around this patio. On the ground floor, Continuing Care is located next to the entrance, which allows this area to be used as an Emergency Room 24 hours a day with only one access, closing the rest of the Center. On the other side of the patio, the consultation rooms are located on the two longitudinal façades, while the waiting room occupies the central space illuminated by the patio at one end and by the façade at the other. On the upper floor the consultation rooms are located in the same way as on the ground floor. On the other side of the patio are the administration offices and changing rooms and in front of the patio and the stairs is the Health Education classroom. There is a small basement where the facilities that ventilate to the outside through the patio are located.

Photographs © José Hevia.