Omnium hotel

Promoter: Comercial Textil Alsaro S.A.

Area: 1.101 m2

Location: c/ Bruc 42-44, Barcelona

Budget: 1.350.000 € (budget for material execution)

Date: August 2015

The project is based on the adaptation and rehabilitation of the existing building in the inner courtyard of the block (Old Spanish tie store) and the adaptation of some rooms on the ground floor of the main building facing Bruc Street, for its conversion into a 3* hotel.

The action proposes the demolition of part of the interior building, reducing its volume and freeing up space inside the block, to give more light and ventilation to the new interior spaces. In the main building a double-height space opens up at its entrance. The existing facades of both buildings are rehabilitated, and the new facade is projected onto the inner courtyard of the block.

Both buildings communicate through an independent lobby. New vertical cores are created to communicate all the floors and the structure is reinforced for the new use.