Refurbishment of the Escola Pia Balmes infantile school

Promoter: Escola Pia de Catalunya

Area: 6.366 m2 (phase 1 and 2 1.375 m2 )

Location: c/ Balmes 208, Barcelona

Budget: 2.585.000 € (phase 1 and 2 585.000 €)

Date: September 2016 (phase 1) / September 2017 (phase 2)

Refurbishment and adaptation of the pre-school area of the Escola Pia Balmes, 208 Balmes Street, Barcelona. Rehabilitation is proposed in phases, in order not to interfere with the teaching period.

The School intends to approach a new way of teaching, promoting learning based on the common interest of the students in specific objectives to be achieved, working on projects.

This need begins with the rethinking of the container architecture.

More versatile spaces, connectable to each other, are necessary. The transit areas are enlarged and visually linked to the “classrooms”, allowing students to appropriate any space, turning it into a possible learning and meeting place.

The original configuration of the building is recovered, blurred and occupied by several classrooms and offices, and the organization around the central patio is recovered.

The strategy was to recover the initial meaning of the building, its structuring elements, patio, hallways and classrooms, and provide them with the versatility and flexibility that they did not originally have. The circulation around the patio is recovered and linked to the rear classrooms, inside the block, to give them more light and ventilation.