Torrent d’en Vidalet

Promoter: M. Marles, JM. Reina

Area: 195 m2

Location: c/ Torrent d’en Vidalet 82, Barcelona

Budget: 348.480 €

Date: January 2017

Rehabilitation of a building built in 1918, with a ground floor and 2 upper floors, located at Torrent d’en Vidalet 82 street in Barcelona. The building is located on a rectangular plot between party walls.

The rehabilitation involves the recovery of the original façade and the demolition of the volume later added on the ground floor, to open a large patio. An undercover floor is built that takes advantage of the 2 large roof terraces.

The floors are connected by means of an elevator and a newly created staircase, which is located in the same position as the existing one.

The wooden beam structure is recovered and a full-height space is opened in the entrance hall to the residence.