Mossos d’Esquadra Cambrils



Location: Cambrils, Tarragona

Budget: 3.000.000 €

Date: February 2008 - December 2008

The project is located on the outskirts of Cambrils, at the end of a site earmarked for facilities, next to the creek and close to the AP-7 motorway linking Tarragona with Barcelona.

The programme includes an area for a Public Attention Office, with public access, and others for a police station, with restricted access.

There is a difference in level of approximately one floor between the creek, Adelaida avenue, and the rear Mª Aurelia Capmany Street, which allows for two different accesses, one on each street. A two-storey building is proposed, recessed into the ground, leaving a free space in front of the creek for public access and interior parking. On the upper street, one floor above, there is the access for the Mossos and the private open-air car park.

Given its different use and differentiated access, the upper volume is distinguished as a white box raised from the ground that touches the ground at the back and overhangs the ground floor, creating a porch area. This body houses the restricted uses of Administration, Police Command and Services for officers such as changing rooms, lockers, briefing room and dining room. On this level are also the facilities with ventilation through the roof. The façade is resolved with an opaque skin of white fibre cement panels that open in the form of adjustable slats in front of the windows.

The ground floor houses the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and also the cells, which are accessed from the covered interior car park. This is the body that is recessed into the ground and supports the upper volume. It is made of graphite black fibre cement panels, with perforations in the windows to preserve interior privacy. The building has a single central core containing two courtyards that provide natural light and ventilation to the spaces and the staircase. All circulation takes place around this core. On the ground floor, one of the courtyards goes down to the lobby and reception area, delimiting a waiting room extension area for summer periods.

Photographs © José Hevia.